Our History

Rugby Club Podgorica was established relatively recently, in 2015. It was founded by players of FK Budučnost, most of whom did not agree with the mixing of sport and politics imposed by the administration of the club at the time. The mission of our club is simple: to introduce and instill our beloved rugby culture among the youth of the capital city of Montenegro, with the aim of providing as many future national team players as possible (hey, we like to aim high!). At the moment we have around 65 participants, training twice a week on the Crvena Stijena pitch, with a special focus on kids rugby – without the passion of our youngest members, our club would have no present and certainly no future! Our coaches are former national team players and follow the guidelines set down by World Rugby – discipline, control, self-respect, fellowship and a sense of fair play. The most exciting parts of our story have not yet been written – come and help us make it happen!